The Dance COLEctive

Artist / Program Description: 
The Dance COLEctive (TDC) continuously challenges assumptions about dance: who dances, what they dance, where, how, and when dance takes place, and why dance happens. TDC’s current work examines stereotypes of beauty, creating an atmosphere of power, strength, vulnerability, and intimacy, and providing the opportunity to question what is insisted on in the everyday. TDC dancers embrace the energy they pass between one another, exhibiting the strength of an athlete, the grace of an artist, and the finesse of a woman. Through imagery, TDC challenges popular culture, revealing multiple perceptions and truths, thus opening the door to self-acceptance in realism.

Reel to Real explores the many layers of female ties, and how these ties create a space for fellowship and self-acceptance. Each section reveals layers of society’s perceptions, expectations, and definitions of women, creating a dense web of emotion and connection. TDC examines the absurdities of modeling, sibling connections, the delicate mutual support and intimacy crucial to female friendships, and how these relationships provide a structure of support during life’s daily struggles. Reel to Real opens the door to experiencing pathways toward freedom from the confines of societal expectation in the physical collaboration of female power, athleticism, and imagery.
Performing artist/company/ensemble