Guitar Plus

J. Girard/M. Perlish
Artist / Program Description: 
“The performance had the high quality we seek!”
- Cantingy Concert Series, Wheaton, IL.

Julie Goldberg, Annie Picard, and Marc Perlish formed Guitar Plus, a flute, voice, and guitar trio, in 1999, and present critically acclaimed concerts and workshops throughout the U.S. Each an accomplished performer, these musicians share their love of music, intellect, and contagious enthusiasm in concert settings, informal performances, and educational workshops. Melding virtuoso technique, informative commentary, and guided listening activities, Guitar Plus performs classical selections, folk melodies from around the world, and jazz influenced musical selections.

Guitar Plus offers workshops for adults, children, and music students of all ages; formal and informal concerts; library/school performances; educational workshops; and multicultural programming. Guitar Plus provides pre-concert readings and educational activities that incorporate academic subjects such as language, literature, art, and music, with the Guitar Plus performance experience.

Programs include Flute and Guitar Conversations, Music and the Imagination, Folk Songs from Around the World, and Poetry and Letters.
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