Illinois Artists at Normal Editions Workshop

<i>Untitled </i>by Rodney Carswell
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Illinois State University’s Normal Editions Workshop presents an exhibition of contemporary prints by artists who are living in or have lived in Illinois. This exhibit features approximately fifty-five original, limited-edition prints by a variety of artists, published since the workshop’s inception in 1976. The works show great diversity in the subject matter, stylistic approaches, and printmaking media utilized in the production of the pieces. All or a portion of the exhibit may be used by the host institution.

ARTISTS INCLUDED IN EXHIBIT: Nicolas Africano, George Atkinson, Phyllis Bramson, Bill Burk, James D. Butler, Rodney Carswell, Xiaowen Chen, Jane Dickson, Michael Dubina, Julia Fish, Mark Forth, John Fraser, Dan Gamble, Ray George, Harold Gregor, Ed Herbeck, Arturo Herrera, Eleanor Himmelfarb, John Himmelfarb, David Hodges, Ken Holder, Dann Nardi, John Phillips, Richard Rezac, Lyle Salmi, Rosalyn Schwartz, Paul Sierra, Dan Socha, Jenny Southlynn, Buzz Spector, C. Louis Steinburg, and David Tell.
Visual arts exhibit