The Immigrant Experience through the Eyes of Teens

Kay Berkson
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Changing Worlds is a nonprofit educational arts organization whose mission is to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing, and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity, and enhance cross-cultural understanding. Focusing on identity, culture, family history, and personal stories, Changing Worlds' traveling exhibits and related programs offer schools, community centers, libraries, and others an opportunity to explore issues of immigration/migration, identity, and diversity.

This exhibit is a freestanding mural featuring the stories and dreams of eight immigrant high school students in the International Newcomer Center at Taft High School. Through painted images, photographs, poetry, and prose, the students (who hail from seven countries spanning four continents) share memories and feelings about leaving their native countries and adjusting to their new lives in Chicago. The mural is made up of three adjacent two-sided panels, each eight feet tall and four feet wide. Recommended for audiences age thirteen to adult.
Visual arts exhibit