JASC Tsukasa Taiko

Lauren Deutsch
Artist / Program Description: 

JASC Tsukasa Taiko, a resident arts program of the Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago, is the leading taiko (Japanese drumming) group in the Midwest. Known for its thunderous drumming and distinctive choreography, taiko is a dynamic art form practiced by the Japanese American community. Under the direction of Founder Hide Yoshihashi, JASC Tsukasa Taiko's mission is to preserve and pass on the traditional concepts of taiko as a cultural legacy, and to use these concepts in expanding and evolving the taiko form. JASC Tsukasa Taiko is dedicated to building community, representing a facet of the Asian American cultural arts, and being a leader in the taiko drumming culture of the Midwest. JASC Tsukasa Taiko has been presented on major stages across the nation including the Smithsonian, the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, and the Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. JASC Tsukasa Taiko's members are experienced educators as well as performers, and can present the history of this art form as well as give performances of the highest artistic quality.

Performing artist/company/ensemble