Jasmin Jahal

Artist / Program Description: 
Jasmin Jahal is an international artist of classical and folkloric dance from the Middle East, specializing in Egyptian dance. Jasmin has studied Middle Eastern dance since 1978 with the finest instructors and choreographers from Egypt and Lebanon. She has won many awards for her authentic, charismatic, and elegant style, including "Best Modern Egyptian Dancer" and "Instructor of the Year." Jasmin is in great demand to perform, instruct, choreograph, and lecture all over the world, and the Jasmin Jahal School of Dance in Chicago was awarded "Best of Chicago" by Chicago Magazine. From concert halls to lecture halls, festivals to classrooms, Jasmin's goal is to take the Middle Eastern dance to its highest artistic standards and promote it with quality, beauty, and dignity.

Programs include authentic traditional Egyptian dance, classical oriental, shamedan (candelabra dance), sagat (finger cymbals), el Assaya (stick dance), Melaya, Khaleegi (Saudi Arabian), Turkish 9/8, Ghawazee (gypsy), beledi, and Saidi dance. Performances may be solo or group, to live music, a single drummer, or recorded music. Shows range from fifteen minutes to two hours and can be tailored to specific needs.
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