Lionel Bottari

Artist / Program Description: 
Lionel Bottari belongs to a family of traditional Italian entertainers, counting among his skills puppetry and playing the Italian “zampogna” bagpipe. Performances are like a show in an Italian piazza, grabbing the attention of the audience with music before the puppet show begins. The show is based on the adventures of Pulcinella and uses puppet versions of the clowns of the Commedia dell’Arte, such as Pantalone, the old Venetian miser, Dottor Balanzone, the Bolognese know-it-all, and Pulcinella, the star of the show and the traditional clown of Naples. The action, however, reflects the puppet show's ancestry of the later English Punch and Judy more than its origins in the Commedia.

The performance consists of clowning and a musical prologue, then the puppet show. Typically, the first act is Pulcinella: Amico di Tutti (Pulcinella, everyone’s friend), followed by Pulcinella: Il Nuovo Caruso, (Pulcinella, the new Caruso). There are also a number of other scenarios in the repetoire for audiences that have seen these shows before. The performance can be presented in English, Italian, or Spanish.
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