Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman

Artist / Program Description: 

"Dazzling sophistication...I’ve seen a lot of theater fail to reach this virtuoso level of characterization."  Kyle Gann, The Village Voice, New York.  Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman are a collaborative composing and performing movement theatre duo. They are known for applying complex compositional structures to ordinary human behavior for the purpose of exploring and revealing the forms in which people interact beneath the surface of appearances, in humorous, moving and extraordinarily crafted scenes compressed to look like the reality of daily life. Notation systems and scores used in the making of the works are often displayed for audiences in a gallery format. This award-winning duo has been presented on public television, toured to universities and theatres throughout the country, and has toured five times in South Korea.  The duo performs original, experimental, accessible movement-theatre like no one else. "On the cutting edge of live comedy…the results are hilarious but intellectually challenging, simple in execution yet extremely difficult to execute."  John Cutler, The Lincoln Star Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska
Full-length programs are selected from a current and continuously evolving repertory that includes the acclaimed favorites Coffee Cup Duet, ‘Napse, Time and Time Again, Homeland and many more. These solos and duets range in length from three to thirty minutes and utilize movement, speech, sounds, and objects in novel and fascinating ways. Each movement theatre piece uses a distinct idea for looking at daily life with humor and a revealing twist. Performances can be presented in concert style, or interspersed with entertaining explanations in a lecture-demonstration format.  After every performance there is an opportunity to ask questions of the performers in after-show dialogue from the stage, and conversations with them in the lobby or gallery while examining the scores on display.  

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