Luna Negra Dance Theater

William Frederking
Artist / Program Description: 
"Enthusiasm, joy and passion" is how one critic described the concert experience of Luna Negra Dance Theater. Founded in 1999 by dancer/choreographer Eduardo Vilaro, Luna Negra has achieved impressive critical acclaim and a devoted following. Sid Smith of the Chicago Tribune wrote: "Already, Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro and his beguiling dancers are an established, respected, and treasured troupe on our arts landscape."

Luna Negra is the only dance company in the USA solely dedicated to the work of contemporary Latino choreographers. The touring repertory includes works by Eduardo Vilaro, Pedro Ruiz, Ron DeJesus, Vincente Nebrada, Gustavo Ramierz Sansano, and many others. In addition to creating and performing, Luna Negra excels in education and outreach programs.

Luna Negra's distinctive style is a blend of ballet and modern dance techniques, strongly flavored by Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance forms. Vilaro is interested in creating and commissioning highly original works, contemporary in both style and content. He frequently collaborates with musicians, actors, visual, and media artists to create multi-textured dance experiences that celebrate and explore the rich mixture that is contempory Latino culture.
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