Mama Edie Armstrong

Artist / Program Description

Mama Edie provides energetic and interactive storytelling, percussion, and vocal performances. Explore history, science, culture, and nature, and inspire your own imaginings through original stories, multicultural folktales, and more. As a certified speech and language pathologist, Mama Edie’s presentations are literacy-rich and can be provided in a blend of Spanish and English, or in Sign Language and voice.

Performance themes include: Tropical Dreams; Finding the Light Inside; Of Beauties and Beasts; I Can Do Great Things; Our Differences ARE Our Strengths; Kwanzaa and Other Holiday Celebrations; From Whence We Came; Cousins of the African Diaspora; The African Holocaust; Tribute to the Original Nations of the Americas; The Nature of Things; Exploring Stories Behind Works of Art; Family Reunion; Faith-based Stories from Around the World; Dream a Little Dream With Me (especially for our elders); and Rites of Passage Celebrations.

Workshop themes include: Finding the Storyteller in You; Storytelling, Music, History & Culture; Let’s Play the Shekere! (Nigerian beaded gourd); Laughing and Learning Through Literacy; Storytelling Throughout the Academic Curriculum; Exploring Diversity through Storytelling & Loving It (especially for corporate entities); Parent Power in Speech & Language Development through Storytelling; Communication Styles & the Health of Our Relationships (journey through our shared stories); and So, Who Speaks the King’s English Anyway?


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