Mama Edie Armstrong

Artist / Program Description: 
Mama Edie provides energetic and interactive storytelling, percussion, and vocal performances. Explore history, science, culture, and nature, and inspire your own imaginings through original stories, multicultural folktales, and more. As a certified speech and language pathologist, Mama Edie’s presentations are literacy-rich and can be provided in a blend of Spanish and English, or in Sign Language and voice.

Performance themes include: Tropical Dreams; Finding the Light Inside; Of Beauties and Beasts; I Can Do Great Things; Our Differences ARE Our Strengths; Kwanzaa and Other Holiday Celebrations; From Whence We Came; Cousins of the African Diaspora; The African Holocaust; Tribute to the Original Nations of the Americas; The Nature of Things; Exploring Stories Behind Works of Art; Family Reunion; Faith-based Stories from Around the World; Dream a Little Dream With Me (especially for our elders); and Rites of Passage Celebrations.

Workshop themes include: Finding the Storyteller in You; Storytelling, Music, History & Culture; Let’s Play the Shekere! (Nigerian beaded gourd); Laughing and Learning Through Literacy; Storytelling Throughout the Academic Curriculum; Exploring Diversity through Storytelling & Loving It (especially for corporate entities); Parent Power in Speech & Language Development through Storytelling; Communication Styles & the Health of Our Relationships (journey through our shared stories); and So, Who Speaks the King’s English Anyway?
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