Marilyn A. Kinsella

Artist / Program Description: 
As Taleypo the Storyteller, Marilyn Kinsella enchants audiences of all ages. While her enthusiasm and dramatic presence draws the audience into the story, her clever word-crafting leads the listeners to a rich enjoyment of a unique literary style. Whether the story comes from the pages of a book, culled from research or inspiration from the muse, Taleypo adds her stamp to the telling. Her stories, for young audiences, include more animation and lots of participation to spark their imaginations. Her stories for the “young-at-heart” rely more on the words themselves to transport the listener to the realm of story. She often collaborates as Stories 'n Stones with her archaeologist husband, Larry Kinsella, for a variety of edu-entertaining programs. Study guides are available for teachers. For a complete storytelling resume with story programs, lists of stories, and many informative "teacher/teller" pages, visit her website.
Performing artist/company/ensemble