May I Have This Dance

Artist / Program Description: 
May I Have This Dance has ten-plus years of experience presenting customized dance programs for all age levels. We help teachers achieve eight state goals in the areas of social science, physical development and health, fine arts, and foreign language.

Our touring shows expose large groups to various styles of dance through demonstration and narrative. Repertoire includes:

Swing Time: American jazz dance, music history, and high-flying, athletic performances get ‘em hooked. Fascinating stories and learning experiences then unfold, showing the relationship between current pop culture trends and America’s rich music, dance, and cultural history.

Mad About Dance: Ladies and gentlemen ages five to fifty are immersed in the etiquette of social dance as they learn about concepts such as "lead & follow," "dance frame," and "escort position." This program includes demonstrations of Ballroom, Latin, and contemporary American dance styles.

Specialized Programs: Our artists create customized performances geared toward special themes such as an all-Latin program for Hispanic Heritage Month, a 1920s Charleston show for a Great Gatsby event, and more.

Beyond touring performances, our core Dancing with Class ™ residency program introduces students to five different dances and culminates in a celebration event. Participants see astounding results in the areas of social awareness, confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork.
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