Najwa Dance Corps

Artist / Program Description: 
NAJWA Dance Corps (NDC) is a company of professional dancers and musicians dedicated to the preservation of dance styles and techniques of different eras which reflect the African-American dance heritage and experience. The company performs dance within a historical context or from an historical perspective that is both educational and entertaining. NDC has grown over the years through presenting traditional and contemporary dances of Africa such as dances from the Old Mali Empire and the Caribbean, traditional (swing) and contemporary jazz, tap, nostalgic dances such as the Cakewalk (1900s), and the developing hip hop styles of the 21st century. The company stages and performs dance styles and techniques that will survive the millennium.

The company performs dances from the African-American Diaspora which is comprised of African dance, Caribbean dance, and African-American dance. African dances are from various countries such as Liberia, the Sene-Gambia region, and Guinea. Caribbean dances such as Fire Dance and Limbo are from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas. The African-American dances include The Hoofers Club, Rent Party, and Duke Ellington Suite.
Performing artist/company/ensemble