Oba William King

Artist / Program Description: 
Oba William King is The Poetic Storyteller, a phenomenal performer and showman. He brings stories, poetry, and cultural songs to life through his interactive, dynamic presentations. Celebrate African-American heritage, demonstrate cultural traditions, and encourage cultural diversity with him. Oba has received a 2002 Illinois Arts Council Artists Fellowship, Gwendolyn Brooks Award, and 2000's Hidden Jewel. He was recently featured on WTTW 11 Artbeat Chicago’s “King of the Classroom.” He helps students develop positive self-image and articulation, conflict resolution, team-building, and agile thinking skills. Oba offers assembly-style performances interweaving stories and poetry with rhythm and song to create entertaining, educational events for all audiences, ages, cultures, and communities.


We Speak in Rhythm: Stories of freedom and the importance of staying in school.

The Poetic Storyteller: Poetic interpretations bring stories and life lessons to center stage; great for young audiences, family gatherings.

Holiday Celebrations: Kwanzaa, African-American Heritage Month, JUNETEENTH celebration, Father's Day, Summer Smash.

See What I'm Saying: Writing for teens, with interactive poetry and storytelling. Culminates with live performance or keepsake chapbook.

Storytelling Time!: Workshop and performance for students to read, write, and learn stories, poems, and cultural songs.

Family Reading Night: Work in small groups to help parents learn skills for encouraging reading at home.
Performing artist/company/ensemble