Paddy Lynn

Artist / Program Description: 
Paddy Lynn's programs are designed for various ages and interests. Her storyacting program, COLOR MY WORLD, uses recognizable books in a highly participatory program for young audiences from pre-school to ten years of age. Storytelling programs for all ages include KALIEDOSCOPE, multi-cultural fables and tales; PEACE PIPE TALES, Native American folklore and legends; and CHILLERS, ghostly tales that chill and thrill. For those seeking a bit of history, LETTERS FROM THE OREGON TRAIL is an interactive program based on an original compilation of women's diaries and journals as they traveled westward in 1853. TIDBITS OF LAKE COUNTY is an interactive history program specific to Lake County, Illinois, from the area's original pioneers to the early 1920s. In her newest program, THE BELLE OF AMHERST, Paddy portrays the beloved poet in a one-woman show, chronicling her life from early childhood to her death (and beyond). Workshops in storytelling, basic acting, storyacting, and group ensemble are available, as well as residencies, lectures, and demonstrations.
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