Patricia Hruby Powell

Artist / Program Description: 
Since 1976, Patricia Hruby Powell has toured internationally with her dance company, One Plus One, weaving stories from dance and words. She now tells stories accented by dance, percussion instruments, animal sounds, and song. Patricia has won awards and fellowships for writing, storytelling, choreography, and scholarship. Her books include Blossom Tales and the acclaimed bilingual English/Navajo picture books, Zinnia and Frog Bring Rain. She is available for author visits.


An Evening With Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, & Emily Dickinson: Dramatization in costume of 19th century authors who dared to break the male monopoly.

Stories from the Arabian Nights: Versions for adults or families.

Stories Circle the World : Worldwide folktales accented by percussion and dance, customized for all age groups.

In Search of Mt. Olympus: Greek myths interspersed with Patricia’s move to Greece.
The Treasure: Moving to London and finding $1000 nailed under her bureau.
One World: Moving from town to country; human world is animal world.
Goosed: Moving from country to town (on a lake).
Love Your Mother…Earth: Call-to-action flamenco rap, versions for 3rd-5th, middle school, and adult.

Veronica Vodicka: Great-grandmother’s immigration from Eastern Europe to Chicago, during the Chicago Fire.
Gramma Lilac: Chicago story about artist’s grandmother.
Performing artist/company/ensemble