Pohlhammer Studio Productions

Artist / Program Description: 
Combining theater and music, this husband and wife team brings characters to life with entertaining, inspiring original scripts. Piano, vocal music, and dance are interwoven with beautiful visuals and full-stage settings. Multi-media performances for family, adult, and school audiences.

"Oh, Ludwig!" - Three Women Who Loved Beethoven: A two-act play with costumes and scenery reveals the man and his glorious music. Who were these women the great composer loved, revered, and turned away from? What prevented their union with this titan of musicians?

Nannerl Mozart--Sister of the Genius: Wolfgang Mozart's only sibling comes alive in a one-act drama with piano, vocal music, and dance. Gain insight into Mozart's childhood, family interactions, and the era's treatment of musicians and of women.

With Love From A Baritone: Music, art prints, and poetry to touch the heart and the funnybone!

America – Land That I Love!: Uplifting songs of love for home and country.

Autumn Fantasy: The heart-warming joys of autumn in song, pictures, and poetry.

A Musical Christmas Card: A delightful program of songs and stories to celebrate the season.
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