Jennifer Girard
Artist / Program Description: 
Marilyn Price weaves a finely-crafted interactive performance combining the art of storytelling with the visual magic of puppetry. Modern parables, classic folktales, and interpretations using puppets bring people together to share the spirit and culture that transcend age. Her puppets – an art form in themselves – have drawn high praise from her peers. She often amazes audiences by animating common objects, from cleaning supplies to carryout food packaging. As a nationally-acclaimed teacher, historian, craftswoman, author, and entertainer, her results are always the same. Marilyn moves her hands, tells the story, and both the audiences and puppets come to life.


Wonderful Whirl of Puppets: A world-class tour with story choices from many countries.

Birds of a Feather: A new program featuring bird heroes from many cultures.

Punch and Judaism: An historical look at Jewish people, religion, and culture, selected from dozens of stories in her repertoire. The bilingual program shares traditional Jewish folklore, values, and history. All audiences, including children, families, and senior citizens are welcome, and audience participation is encouraged.

Marilyn also offers storytelling without puppets.
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