Pros Arts Studio

Kevin Sturm
Artist / Program Description: 
Pros Arts Studio’s Payasos/Clown Ensemble offers shows in English, Spanish, Italian, and Clown, and has performed in theaters, libraries, rural main streets, and city playlots since 1979. Ensemble members are “pros” at transforming any space and bringing the magic of theater to you. Unique props, vibrant sets, expert improvisational skills, and an interactive approach challenge the imaginations of the viewers and engage audiences of all ages. Pros Arts Studio's programs include adaptations of children’s literature, folktales, poetry, and traditional “Commedia dell’Arte” scenarios along with a rotating selection of original productions. Pros Arts is prepared to perform anywhere, anytime.

Programs include:
Fairly Nutritious Tales: Familiar fairy tales take a twist when the characters change their eating habits! (elementary school audiences)

Measuring Mania with Host Ricky Metric: Clowns learn about time, length, weight, temperature, and capacity in this interactive show. (elementary school audiences)

Cuentos Folkloricos LatinoAmericanos/Latin American Folktales: Short tales that use humor to take audiences on a cultural journey. (all ages)

El Circo Mas Grande Del Barrio: A shoestring circus of traditional vingettes turned on edge. (great for festivals)

Commedia dell'Arte: Scenarios adapted with traditional half-masks, costumes, and characters. (all ages)
Performing artist/company/ensemble