Rajeswari Pariti

Artist / Program Description: 
Mrs. Rajeswari Pariti is a professional musician and an “A grade artist” of All India Radio. She performs South Indian classical (Carnatic) music on a traditional stringed instrument called a veena. Mrs. Pariti has a master’s degree in Carnatic music and has been performing and teaching for over thirty years. She has given numerous performances in India as well as in the USA and enthralled the audience with her lilting music. Mrs. Pariti hails from a musical family and gave her first concert at the age of eight. Her rendering of the lyric, interspersed generously with imaginative improvisations, is a rare treat to the listeners’ ears. Currently, she lives in the Chicago area, teaching and performing Carnatic music.

The program consists of the artist performing on a stringed instrument (veena) playing several traditional compositions set to different tunes (ragas) and rhythmic beats (talas). The artist renders the compositions, some of which date back several centuries, with improvisation. The melodious rendering of Carnatic music will certainly leave the audience enthralled and spellbound.
Performing artist/company/ensemble