RASA Dance Theatre

Artist / Program Description: 
RASA Dance Theatre fuses classical, modern, jazz, and urban styles to create RASA, of Sanskrit origin, meaning "the mood or sentiment evoked by a work of art." Founded in 2002 by critically acclaimed, award-winning choreographer Van Collins, RASA has succeeded in breaking the mold of modern companies. With the combination of innovative and extreme choreography and the athleticism and grace of the RASA dancers, audiences are sure to be left with a sense of awe and enthrallment.

Our full-length two-hour concert demonstrates the eclectic mix that RASA embodies, ranging from lyrical to abstract movement and high-energy jazz to prop-based dance. Pieces in our repertoire can be chosen by a venue to create a performance tailored specifically to their needs and desires.

Lecture/demonstrations take a closer look at the creation process of selected works. Audience members are able to experiment with movement on stage alongside RASA dancers and, through a question and answer session, delve deeper into the source of inspiration for movement and the inner workings of how certain pieces are created and physically possible. RASA is sure to surprise, entertain, inspire, and leave audiences of all ages on the edges of their seats.
Performing artist/company/ensemble