R.W. "Bill" Robinson

Artist / Program Description: 
Bill Robinson has been playing hammered dulcimer for over fifty years, learning to play from his family. He has performed and taught throughout the United States with several well-known artists. Bill Robinson & Friends won Bluegrass Band of the Year award from the Illinois Country Music Association each year from 1993 through 2004. The Illinois Arts Council (IAC) has presented him with five Master/Apprenticeships and three Fellowship awards. He has been nominated for the National Endowment for the Arts Heritage award.

Bill's program starts with an introduction to the hammered dulcimer: what types of dulcimers exist, where they come from, and how his heritage relates to the unique manner in which he plays the instrument. Throughout the performance, Bill demonstrates the different types of music that can be played on the dulcimer. He will also play a simple tune and add embellishments until the full potential of the song is complete. The instrument is fascinating and will please all audiences. The length of the show can accommodate any performance or venue.
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