Sandi Sylver

Artist / Program Description: 
With performances for children, families, and adults, Sandi Sylver is a storyteller, ventriloquist (self-taught from a library book), and guitar-playing singer with highly interactive, educational, and entertaining shows remembered long after she and "the Girls" have left the building!

"The Girls" are the true stars of each show, and these soft-face puppets know how to work an audience. "Shari Cary" is a teenager, "like, from LongGyland, like, in New Yawk." For older children, the Southern grandmother puppet is "Mrs. Adelia Rose Honeycutt of the Atlanta, Georgia Honeycutts", while for younger ones, she becomes "Mrs. Ida Know-Why", the Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly (and does!). "Toodles" is a six-year-old with an attitude who teaches everyone the basics of ventriloquism at the end of the show. Children (and adults) will leave practicing "to talk for two" without moving their lips, and some will even take Sandi's advice and check out a library book to learn more, just as she did.

Whether for a school assembly, Family Reading Night, Book Fair, or a library show, her programs can be eclectic or specific. Please contact Sandi for more information and titles.
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