Sones de México Ensemble

Antonio Ceron
Artist / Program Description: 
Sing Out! Magazine describes them as “...serious artists who have chosen to renew and embellish their heritage.” Dirty Linen says, “Sones de Mexico play traditional Mexican music with passion and a reverent knowledge of their roots.” Chicago’s premier Mexican folk music group, Sones de Mexico Ensemble, specializes in “son,” a rich and lively Mexican music tradition. Over twenty-five folk string, percussion, and wind instruments are featured along with four-part vocal arrangements and acrobatic dance demonstrations. The group recreates the atmosphere of a traditional fandango (dance fiesta) where the most colorful, joyous, and upbeat sones are played and danced until sunrise.

All programs educate and entertain, and may be conducted in English, Spanish, or both. Concerts explore regional styles of “son” such as huapango, gustos, son jarocho, and the roots of mariachi music. The group may be joined by guest musicians and dancers. Dances allow the audience to join in, sometimes creating exciting percussive patterns on the dance floor with their feet, or to simply enjoy themselves. A special children’s program includes audience participation, a masked dance, important lessons about Aztec cosmology, the ecosystem, musical concepts of tempo and polyrhythms, and the most famous Mexican son, La Bamba.
Performing artist/company/ensemble