Thresholds Theatre Arts Project

Andrew Rothenberg
Running Feet: 
very flexible
Running Time: 
30-120 minutes
Security Requirements: 
Artist / Program Description: 
“Theatre that sheds light on mental illness…” - Streetwise 2006

Sssshhhh! Are you listening? Do you see me? I have something to say! Join Thresholds ensemble members as we explore the fun and the fight for that limited space that is “me,” “you,” and “us”.

Featuring professional actors and directors from Chicago's vast theatre community, the Thresholds Theatre Arts Project is a unique, collaborative production showcasing the frequently misunderstood and rarely heard artistic voices of the mentally ill. These are our thoughts, our dreams, and our lives interrupted, shared through original monologues, music, scenes, stories, improvisation, and role-play.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Police officers are often first responders in mental health crisis situations. Touring performances can include our ongoing work with the Chicago Police Department in training Crisis Intervention Teams to more safely and successfully handle mental health crisis situations on the streets of Chicago.

Thresholds is Illinois’ oldest and largest psychiatric rehabilitation center. The organization assists and inspires people with severe mental illnesses to reclaim their lives.

“Every school should see this performance!” – Student, Morgan Park Academy
Performing artist/company/ensemble