Tone on Tone: An Organ and Calligraphy Concert

Artist / Program Description: 
A truly unique collaboration between organ music and calligraphy defines the work of Marsha Foxgrover, a nationally-acclaimed organist and recording artist, and Timothy R. Botts, an award-winning visual artist with over a dozen published books of calligraphy. This artistic combination offers audiences the opportunity to expand their appreciation of both disciplines through varied art forms.

Foxgrover performs major organ compositions while, for the duration of the music, Botts draws texts appropriate to or specifically indicated by the composer. As the calligraphy unfolds on a 4x6 ft. easel, recognized and experienced filmmaker Marc Miller videos the artist's hands, projecting the video onto a large screen. Organ works such as the "Hallelujah" concerto in B-flat by Georg F. Handel are played while the text of Messiah is drawn in calligraphy. Repertoire consists of music from various periods, as well as both sacred and secular texts appropriate to the audience, venue, and season.

After consultation with the presenter, a suitable program is designed to be specific to the occasion.
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