Frequently Asked Questions (AIE)

  • Can I use an artist that is not listed on the AIE Roster?
    No. The AIE Residency Program is limited to artists that are listed on the roster.
  • Roster artists have already been approved to work through the AIE Residency Program. Am I guaranteed funding if I apply for one of these artists?
    No. A panel reviews each application based on the review criteria listed in the guidelines. Projects are approved for funding based on the quality of the application.
  • We loved our artist-in-residence from last year. Can we apply to have the same artist come back?
    Yes. A sponsoring organization can apply to use the same artist-in-residence for up to three consecutive years.
  • This is my first year doing an IAC AIE residency. How long can my residency last?
    Due to the intense planning of the residency, first time applicants are restricted to a residency lasting a maximum of 2 months.
  • We want to have some of our residency happen in the fall and then finish the residency in the spring. Can we do that?
    No. Residencies must take place in consecutive weeks. Exceptions can be made for school holidays and vacations.
  • Will the AIE Residency Program provide funding for my school’s drama teacher?
    No. The AIE Residency Program does not provide funding for school staff or for the general arts curriculum.
  • Should the artist-in-residence work with the classroom teacher?
    Yes. The classroom teacher should participate in all residency sessions. A staff member is required to be present at all residency sessions. Students should never be left unsupervised with the artist-in-residence.
  • I’ve worked on this application alone. Is a steering committee important?
    Yes. The steering committee is an integral part of the AIE Residency Program. Applicants with a strong steering committee have an easier time planning for the residency and writing the application. Writing the narrative portion of the application can be split up among members of the steering committee.
  • If we are working in conjunction with another site, can the steering committee be comprised of members from both sites?
    Yes. In order for the residency to run smoothly at both sites, the steering committee should include members from both sites.   
  • The artist I contacted is willing to work for less than IAC required Individual Artist Residency Stipend. Is that allowed?
    No. The artist must be paid a minimum of $40/per hour for the residency. However, the artist and sponsor may negotiate a higher fee.
  • Does the guest artist have to be on the IAC AIE Roster?
    No. The guest artist may be any Illinois artist. There are several options for identifying an appropriate guest artist. These include the IAC AIE Roster, recommendations from your artist-in-residence, or locating a local artist.
  • Who pays the artist?
    The sponsoring organization pays the artist. The sponsor will receive a check from the State Comptroller and use these funds plus the matching funds to pay the artist.
  • Where can my cash match come from?
    There are several options for the cash match. Some options include your organization’s budget, another grant, a local business, a donor, or a fundraiser. The only restriction is that the artist cannot donate his/her time as the cash match.
  • If my grant application is not funded can my site still do the residency?
    Yes. The IAC encourages applicants whose projects are not funded to use their matching funds to complete a portion of the project.
  • When do I receive the grant award?
    Once an application is officially approved for funding, the sponsoring organization will receive paperwork to claim the grant. This paperwork needs to be completed and returned to the IAC. The sponsor will receive a check from the State Comptroller; however, the process of issuing payment by the State Comptroller is a long one. In many cases your check may not arrive until after the residency has been completed.