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Dewey21C is a blog dedicated to the belief that the arts are part of our genetic code. That the arts are in the DNA of every child, and that our job as teachers, parents, mentors, advocates, and administrators is to provide quality, sustained arts learning pathways for every child to develop fully as a human being.

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Intermediate agencies between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts.

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A nonprofit membership association that promotes philanthropy and a strong nonprofit sector in Illinois.

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For K-12 teachers and administrators, this valuable guide is filled with many innovative tips and resources to help you expand and refine your assessment strategies for project-based learning.  One of the ways to propel Edutopia’s movement for positive change in education is to spread the word about strategies that work. Edutopia urges colleagues to share these practical ideas and resources with friends and colleagues.

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The Americans for the Arts Emerging Leader Program works to identify and cultivate the next generation of arts leaders in America. It is an ideal way for new leaders to share their interests with others as they continue to develop their skills and their commitment to the arts. The Emerging Leader Program targets professionals who are either new to the field, with up to five years of experience, or are 35 years of age or younger.